Tuesday 30 June 2009

British open water swimmers required to swim in Sabac, Serbia, August 02, 2009

Above: Jarak - Sabac, race director Vojislav Mijic presents a plaque to me after the 2008 FINA World Cup race.

On Sunday June 28, 2009 I received a call from race director Vojislav Mijic to ask if I wanted to compete in this year's 40th anniversary swim from Jarak - Sabac. It is a 19KM river swim in water temperatures of about 27 Degrees Centigrade. Last years swim was a FINA World Cup event, but due to the costs involved in financing the event (about 60,000 Euros) it will not be a FINA event this year so anyone can enter. Due to the imminent birth of Beccy and I's first child, I am not swimming at the moment so will unfortunately not be attending.

Above: Photos from last years event, including a personal race I had with Italy's Nicola Carradossi, which I eventually won.

If you are interested in competing, please telephone Vojislav directly on +38 115 348 951 and he will send you an entry form. He is not good on the computer so this is the best way to contact him. He is a fantastic guy, Sabac is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city, and the people are very friendly. If you go, I promise you will have a fantastic time.

Click below for my full report from last years event:-

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