Thursday 4 February 2010

Human Body: Pushing The Limits - Strength (Part 4 of 4) Including my English Channel Swim - July 10, 2007

On Tuesday, and IOWSA member asked me about my 2007 English Channel Swim which was filmed for The Discovery Channel. Today, I found the above 10 minute clip on Youtube which features the swim, 2 minutes 25 seconds into the clip.

To purchase the DVD set, which includes alot more useful knowledge about The Human Body, click on the picture above. I Hope English Channel aspirants find it useful.

Tuesday 2 February 2010

East Lindsey District Council, Ello Magazine February 2010 - "The mysterious case of 'The Butlins Challenge Trophy'"

Thank you to Jacqueline Thomas of East Lindsey District Council who e-mailed me a copy of their magazine today. The above article appered on pages 10 and 11. You may need to zoom in using your web browser to read the story.