Thursday 4 February 2010

Human Body: Pushing The Limits - Strength (Part 4 of 4) Including my English Channel Swim - July 10, 2007

On Tuesday, and IOWSA member asked me about my 2007 English Channel Swim which was filmed for The Discovery Channel. Today, I found the above 10 minute clip on Youtube which features the swim, 2 minutes 25 seconds into the clip.

To purchase the DVD set, which includes alot more useful knowledge about The Human Body, click on the picture above. I Hope English Channel aspirants find it useful.


Swim Coach Finder said...

Hi. We follow you blog and we would like you to consider joining our Swim Coach Finder Facebook Group.

Enda Kennedy said...

Hi Hoff

Sorry for not getting back sooner. I changed c/cards so within the week i will have joined the iowsa. I have restarted my blog to keep me focussed for August. It's a new link
This was an excellent clip.Regards Enda K