Sunday 30 March 2008

The Human Body DVD - Now available to purchase

Above: Human Body - Pushing the Limits - now available to purchase.

The Title Sponsor for my 2007 Channel Swim, Dangerous Films, filmed my channel swim on July 10, 2007, but while they did so, I had no idea exactly how they would be using the footage. What they in fact were doing, were making a 4 x DVD programme for the Discovery Channel called "Human Body - Pushing The Limits". Chris Pountney e-mailed me yesterday with a link to the Dallas Morning News which gives a column by Leslie Garcia on the DVD. It can be found by <Clicking Here>.

In the column, she describes me as a " – pale, slightly overweight..." who swims the English Channel. Charming! I thought I had got quite a suntan by then having spent so many weekends in Dover Harbour! LOL!

Anyway, if anyone is interested in buying a copy, it can be purchased online by clicking the link below (I do not get commission by the way!):-

I will e-mail Leslie Garcia a link to this blog to see if she would like to comment!

Update - April 01, 2008 - Leslie Garcia blogs about my swim...

I've made a new USA friend now with Leslie Garcia of the Dallas Morning News who has done a channel swim blog. <Click here to access the blog>. This is all getting very international!


Anonymous said...

From: Garcia, Leslie []
Sent: 31 March 2008 15:25
To: Paul Hopfensperger (Hoffy)
Subject: RE: RE Your Article... [Scanned]


YOU DID A FABULOUS JOB!!!! I would love to have the hutzpah to do that! I am merely a woman who is pale and who thinks she is slightly overweight.

Please please please forgive me and focus on the takeaway which is LOOK WHAT YOURS & ALL OUR BODIES ARE CAPABLE OF!!!!!

Mortifyingly yours,

Anonymous said...

For anyone that hasn't seen it, it is a great video and really shows the strength of marathon swimmers. Thanks for representing us Paul!

Hoffy Swims said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well with your swim training.

Kind regards.


Cllr. Rebecca Hopfensperger said...

Finally got round to watching the full episode of the DVD a recommend it. I am doing an Anatomy and Physiology course at the moment and found it really useful for this. The 'pale, slightly overweight man' didn't put me off my studying efforts.