Tuesday 15 May 2007

Welcome to windy Dover, 10.00am May 12, 2007, an uneventful morning

Above: The state-of-the art changing rooms for channel swimmers at Dover Harbour.

Ariving in Dover for our second weekend training with the Channel General, Freda Streeter, the weather was very different than the week before. The sun was out, but it was very windy. On the right hand side of the harbour it was very calm, being protected from the westerly winds by the harbour wall. To the left, the waves were really quite large.

At about 09.50am we all started moving to our chosen spots in the state-of the art changing facilities on Dover Harbour beach. I rushed to get the same spot as last week, i.e. a little spot next to the wall, just below a smelly litter bin, but close to my car in case I needed anything from there. Our instructions from the general, were to swim for 45 minutes. This was 15 more than the previous week. The water temperature was 11 Degrees Centigrade, and we would keep upping the length of time in the cold harbour water to help our bodies aclimatise to the water tempearture. I took my yellow hat, no. 15, from Freda, gave my name and started to undress.

Above: Supertrev - please note that I kept my track suit bottoms on for this photo just for you!

Above: Always the worst bit, getting into a cold Dover Harbour at 10.00am on a Saturday morning.

I swum across to the harbour wall, and by the time I got there I was busting for a pee (I find it very difficult to swim and pee, but when you've got to go, you've got to go). When I got there, the Mayor was there with her Mum and Dad, so I stopped in the water, smiled (or grimaced) while I discretely did what I had to do, while pretending to pose for a photo.

Above: "The water's warmer round the wise man..." (think about the Orange mobile phone advert when they are in the jacuzzi!!!).

Above: Swimming away from the warmer water as quickly as possible...

Above: Leading the way across Dover Harbour.

With nobody any the wiser (until now) I swum away, and completed my 45 minutes in the harbour, swimming approximately 2,500 Metres at 11 Degrees Centigrade. It was a relaxing, uneventful morning, but it warmed my muscles up for what would be a very eventful afternoon session at 12.00pm...


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Anonymous said...

If you have to pull a face like you are in the third picture just to have a pee, then can I suggest you see a doctor. Also keep your trunks on when doing it. surprised how clear the water is or Becky has a very good camera with one hell off a lens. Supertrev suggestion 2.(picture 4) When swimming through warm water keep your mouth shut. Picture 5. dont blame the other swimmers being so far behind you, hate to think whats coming out off your trunks.

Hoffy Swims said...

Supertrev - You try peeing in 11 Degree water after swimming in it for 45 minutes. It would make your face go like that too! LOL!

Christina S said...

Hoffy, I can't help but notice that in the photo where you're walking in to the sea, it's a lovely silvery blue colour. In the peeing photo, it's starting to have a greenish tinge. And in the two after, the sea has gone yellow.

That must have been a monster pee you did.

Hoffy Swims said...

Ruby - LOL! All I can say is that the cold water really makes you wanna go! Apologies to the swimmers behind me in the last picture!