Monday 26 April 2010

Slowly building in the pool and the launch of

Above: Felixstowe Beach Crew, Sunday April 25, 2010. Left to right, my mum Vera Hopfensperger, Luca and Beccy.

The pool work was building well on Monday and Tuesday last week. Steadily building. Monday was 60 lengths, 1,500 Metres, Tuesday was 70 lengths, 1,750 Metres, then a hiccup. Luca started teething again (he now has 6) and we were up all night for 3 nights. Very tiring I can assure you! This meant I did not get back in the pool until Saturday, when I made up for it by completing 90 lengths, 2,250 Metres. I felt surprisingly strong, and it is all coming back together nicely.

Earlier in the day I had setup a Facebook group at which already has 35 members, some of them, very illustrious in open water swimming circles. If you would like to join, please feel free. We are now training every Sunday morning in Felixstowe.

Sunday, we set off for Felixstowe, and had a wonderful day out. It really was one of those great days out. I had two swims, separated by about 15 minutes, and the water temperature was 8 Degrees Centigrade. Still cold, but 1 degree warmer than last week.

Above: Psyching myself up ready to get in the cold water once again.

Swim Number 1

Swim Number 2

We then had some great fish and chips at the Fludyer Arms Hotel, followed by a trip to the wet fish mongers where we bought some great fish which I cooked when we got home. To cap it all, I got an e-mail from someone in Bury St Edmunds asking if I knew of anywhere Open Water Swimmers could train in Suffolk! It just so happened that I did:-

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