Monday 20 August 2007

This week is Loraine Verghese's Channel Swim week, and I am her support swimmer

Above: Loraine supported me on my channel swim day, now it's my turn to support her.

Today, Monday August 20, 2007 is the first day of the tide for Loraine Verghese's Channel Swim attempt. Loraine is swimming to try and raise £100,000 for a little boy called Jack who has a rare form of cancer. Jack's dad will be on the support boat with us.

Unfortunately, the weather is not looking good so far this week. Loraine is swimmer No. 3 which if the weather was good would mean that she swims on Wednesday. However, having spoken to her pilot Andy King (who was also my pilot) it's not looking good for the number 1 swimmer at least until Wednesday or Thursday. This means we won't be swimming until at least Saturday!

We will keep you informed here via this blog as to when we expect to set off.

TEXT UPDATE FROM LORAINE - 20/08/07 - 20:23 Hrs.
Weather forecast tomorrow not suitable for first swimmer but there is hope further in the week fingers crossed...

TEXT UPDATE FROM LORAINE - 22/08/07 - 12:45 Hrs.
To the crew of Louise Jane. Well and so the story goes "No pain, no gain". The waiting is torture, more like your nail being pulled out from the nail bed! But there is hope, can someone wave the magic wand. I want to get out there. Paul is keeping my spirits high and being a great support. Thanks Paul and to all who have already done it, lucky you! Will keep you posted. x

Above: A grim looking Dover Harbour from the web cam (see top right of this blog). No swim today unfortunately.

UPDATE FROM ANDY KING - 23/08/07 - 15:00 Hrs.
It look like Loraine will swim on Sunday morning. No. 1 tommorrow, No. 2 Saturday, No. 3 (Loraine) on Sunday morning. Spoke to Loraine, she would rather go Saturday night so she lands in France in daylight. I can understand that but have not done any night training before. This will be interesting...

Will update you when the swim is confirmed.

TEXT UPDATE FROM LORAINE - 24/08/07 - 09:06 Hrs.
Channel swim update... To the crew of Louise Jane. First swimmer off at 7am with weather looking good and sun out. So fingers crossed. Will update soon.

TEXT UPDATE FROM LORAINE - 24/08/07 - 15:42 Hrs.
Channel swim update... First swimmer out unable to make it. Bill [No. 2 swimmer] to leave tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed the weather stays good for me Arghhh ha ha.

E-MAIL FROM THE GENERAL - 24/08/07 - 17:25 Hrs.
The Bulgarian swimmer Peter Stoychev has just broken the world record with a time of 6 Hrs. 57 Minutes 50 Seconds!
A new English Channel World Record! Well done Peter. I met him in Dover a few weeks back and he said he would do it! Wow!

TEXT UPDATE FROM LORAINE - 25/08/07 - 07:15 Hrs.
Channel swim update... To the crew of Louise Jane, just seen Bill off [He's the No.2 swimmer with Andy King on The Louise Jane - Loraine is No. 3]. He looked ready to rock and rol. So now it looks like my turn tomorrow at around 8am.

UPDATE FROM PAUL - 25/08/07 - 18:05 Hrs.
I'm just leaving for Dover to support Loraine. Good luck Loraine from all here in Bury, and I will update the blog on Monday when I return.



Hoffy Swims said...

To the man known as "A Hiker from the USA" - 23/08/2007 - Thank you so much for your £10 donation to CLIC Sargent today. It is much appreciated.


M said...

Keep us updated Paul, We have text Loraine, I am sure she can do it, the night swimming will be great, an experience you will never forget and great training for your two way. Loraine do it for Jodie, and as per the text....remeber Schindlers know what I mean...positive energy only. We will be thinking of you. Mark Kelly & Charlie Rob