Thursday 27 May 2010

Fundraising talk for St. Nicholas Hospice at Bury St Edmunds 'Probus 3' Club

As part of my fundraising for my 2010 swim of 'The Wash' in aid of St Nicholas Hospice, I was invited by Maurice Buxton, Programme Secretary of the PROBUS 3 Club in Bury St Edmunds to give my talk "Life is a Channel Swim - Setting and Achieving Goals" today. They meet on Thursday's at 'The Friends Meeting House', and having got out of the pool last night after only 59 minutes and 3,000 Metres to go through my presentation, I set off this morning for the 5 minute walk from my home to give my talk.

There were about 55 retired businessmen in the room, and I was pleased that they seemed to listen so intently, as I described my 40 year journey from completing my first width of a swimming pool in 1967 and coming last in the process, to completing my first Channel Swim in 2007, all by setting and completing small goals until I completed the big one at the first attempt.

At the end of the presentation, I was delighted that they put £63.19 into my St.Nicholas Hospice bucket which will be given to them via my JustGiving page tomorrow.

If anyone is interested in the talk, which lasts about an hour, please click on the link below for further details:-


Enda Kennedy said...


I bet with paddy power bookemaker

20 euro youll be prime minister after cameron. (lol)

Well done on the talk, and the fundraising.

Good luck at the weekend. 2 hrs for you and 15 mins for me and I will do the same.


Hoffy Swims said...

Ha Ha. I doubt it mate! How come I get 2 hrs and you only get 15 mins then? lol!

Will be thinking of you on Sunday. Cheers. Hoffy.