Monday 25 June 2007

A day off and visit to Dover Castle for Father's Day - Sunday June 17, 2007

Above: Dover Harbour from Dover Castle. The swimmers can be seen as little white splashes if you look carefully. The General and feeders etc., can also be seen on "Swimmers Beach".

The day after the "Champion of Champions" event, Sunday June 17, 2007, was Father's Day and I promised my son that I would take a day off training and visit Dover Castle with him. It was a great experience and I would recommend it as a "must do" if you visit Dover. However, when I got up there and looked down, I could see all of the group gathered on the beach, and I could also see swimmers training in the channel. I knew I should have been there, but I felt I needed a day off after yesterday's efforts! I'm glad I did, it was a great day out with my wife and son.

After the visit to the castle, we drove to the marina to take a look at the boat that will escort me across the channel, Andy King's new boat - Louise Jane. I really wanted to see it and get a feel of what it will be like for my support crew on the boat etc. Having seen the boat, it is another little tick in the box of things I wanted to do before the swim.

Above: Sebastian and Paul Hopfensperger explore the Louis Jane on Father's Day 2007.

It's a great boat and am looking forward to swimming alongside it all the way to France, then riding back to Blighty on it in triumph!



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